Installing Schrodinger on your local client machine

This page contains info about how to download and install the Schrodinger suite on your local client machine.

Getting an account on

You need to create an account (free) and log in with the password you create. Then you download the relevant software for your machine and follow install procedures that comes with the software.

Getting access to the national license

Since we have a joint funding of license tokens between user community and national bodies, members of the funding research groups are entiteled to get access to the license from their client machines. The easiest way to do this is by downloading the following license file:

SERVER 0050569f5819 27008

(Can also be downloaded from here: License_Schrodinger.txt)

This should be sufficient to make your personal copy of Schrodinger Small Molecule Drug Discovery suite work on your machine.

Note: It is a known bug that the configure setup of Schrodinger reports no license found even if the program suite works well. Please ignore.