Support staff

Our vision

Give our users a competitive advantage in the international science race.


Contribute to make our scientists the most efficient users of High Performance Computing (HPC), by creating the best support environment for any HPC user, and present them to the most efficient solutions to support their highest demands in HPC.


The HPC-Group works within three areas:

  • Technical and Operational computing resource support to the national program, and local initiatives.
  • Basic and Advanced user support to projects and research groups that utilizes HPC or is expecting to do so in the future.
  • Involvement in national development projects and initiatives, for instance in GRID Computing and new technology areas.

National resource site

Since 2000 UiT has been a Resource Site in the National High Performance Computing Consortium (NOTUR), a joint mission between the four Norwegian Universities in Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø. Since December 2014 UNINETT Sigma2 manages the national infrastructure and offers High Performance Computing and Data Storage.

Regional resource site

The HPC group at UiT also has a role to play as a regional resource site within HPC, offering HPC services to other institutions in Northern Norway. A strategic collaboration between UiT and the Norwegian Polar Institute within HPC has been ongoing since 1998.