Running MPI jobs

There are two available MPI implementations on Stallo:

  • OpenMPI provided by the foss module, e.g. module load foss/2016b
  • Intel MPI provided by the intel module, e.g. module load intel/2016b

There are several ways of launching an MPI application within a SLURM allocation, e.g. srun, mpirun, mpiexec and mpiexec.hydra. Unfortunately, the best way to launch your program depends on the MPI implementation (and possibly your application), and choosing the wrong command can severly affect the efficiency of your parallel run. Our recommendation is the following:

Intel MPI

With Intel MPI, we have found that mpirun can incorrectly distribute the MPI ranks among the allocated nodes. We thus recommend using srun:

$ srun --mpi=pmi2 ./my_application


With OpenMPI, mpirun seems to be working correctly. Also, it seems that srun fails to launch your application in parallel, so here we recommend using mpirun:

$ mpirun ./my_application

NOTE: If you’re running on the multinode partition you automatically get the --exclusive flag, e.i. you get allocated (and charged for) full nodes, even if you explicitly ask for less resources per node. This is not the case for the normal partition.