Transferring files to/from Stallo

Only ssh type of access is open to stallo. Therefore to upload or download data only scp and sftp can be used.

To transfer data to and from stallo use the following address:

This address has nodes with 10Gb network interfaces.

Basic tools (scp, sftp)

Standard scp command and sftp clients can be used:

ssh -l <username>

sftp <username>

Mounting the file system on you local machine using sshfs

For linux users:

sshfs [user@][dir] mountpoint [options]


sshfs  /home/steinar/stallo-fs/

Windows users may buy and install expandrive.

High-performance tools

NONE cipher

This cipher has the highest transfer rate. Keep in mind that data after authentication is NOT encrypted, therefore the files can be sniffed and collected unencrypted by an attacker. To use you add the following to the client command line:

-oNoneSwitch=yes -oNoneEnabled=yes

Anytime the None cipher is used a warning will be printed on the screen:


If you do not see this warning then the NONE cipher is not in use.


If for some reason (eg: high confidentiality) NONE cipher can’t be used, the multithreaded AES-CTR cipher can be used, add the following to the client command line (choose one of the numbers):




Subversion and rsync

The tools subversion and rsync is also available for transferring files.